Vitesse backdating settlement

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The company also provides Ethernet media access controllers that offer addressing and channel control mechanisms and are used in enterprise class modular Ethernet switch platforms, as well as in Ethernet-over-SONET/SDH and Ethernet-over-OTN systems used in access, metro, and long-haul carrier networking systems; Ethernet transceivers, including single, quad, and octal devices that allow the transmission of 10/100/1000 BASE-T data over category 5 copper cable and fiber optic cabling for use in personal computers, home electronics, and LAN applications; and Ethernet transceivers with packet timing and synchronization capabilities.In addition, it provides a line of connectivity products, which comprise mixed-signal physical media devices, physical layer devices, crosspoint switches, and signal integrity devices that are used for the connection of systems via optical fiber, copper cable, or backplanes.Our group includes more than a dozen former prosecutors, as well as former SEC enforcement attorneys, prominent partners with decades of experience, and current Fellows of the American College of Trial Lawyers and American Board of Trial Advocates.

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It now offers a line of Ethernet switching products consisting of Carrier Ethernet switch engines for customer-premises equipment, access network equipment, wireless base stations, mobile access equipment, fiber and microwave wireless backhaul equipment, and metro networking equipment; and Ethernet switches that enable desktop, workgroup, and LAN infrastructure.

Following the Numbers Game speech, and continuing through the market crisis to the time of the reorganization of the enforcement division, the Commission brought a series of financial statement fraud cases.

Driven by pressure to meet street expectations, a variety of fraudulent techniques to manipulate the numbers were used.

We frequently represent corporations, senior executives, board members, and public officials in the U. Many of our cases have been resolved through successful out-of-court advocacy and negotiation with authorities, thus keeping our clients out of the spotlight.

We have the experience, resources, and global presence necessary to meet our primary objective for each client: to obtain the most favorable outcome quickly and efficiently, with minimal impact on our client’s business and reputation.

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