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An Arizona HOA has passed new rules to restrict residency from certain convicts.In Part 1, an owner and manager of the HOA explains the whys and hows of his HOA's tactic to maintain the low-crime conditions the community. A live video stream has captured the attention of thousands carefully inspecting the expectant mother giraffe, April's every move inside the barn at Animal Adventure Park in Harpursville, N. But not everyone agrees with the live stream, the zoo said. 27, a Facebook post by the park indicating mammary development — the final stage in the giraffe's pregnancy — reached 317,000 people and its accompanying video was viewed 47,000 times.► Related: See the birth of baby giraffe at Des Moines zoo Since then, audiences have been captivated by the park's giraffe cam — more than 30,000 people watched Friday morning on the park's You Tube page. — Excitement surrounding the imminent birth of a baby giraffe grows by the hour.It's also not uncommon to have restrictions on renting properties related to individuals who are convicted sex offenders."Typically, it's sex offenders, not purely felons," adds Cagle. Texas already has a statute applicable to subdivision HOAs that disqualifies anyone convicted of a felony for a crime of moral turpitude from serving on the board.

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The entire incident was captured on surveillance video. In fact, those other videos would raise some serious questions about the murder. And Donald Mellon is your typical doting daddy, a clean-cut family man his girls admire and adore."Paternity and parenting aren't synonyms," attorney Keith Berkshire told the Arizona Supreme Court."The simple reality is Arizona doesn't have an artificial insemination statute." Because of that, the legal standard is the state's presumptive parentage law, which simply says a child is presumed to be the offspring of a man if he was married to the woman within 10 months of the child's birth.Cagle, a partner at Savrick Schumann Johnson Mc Garr Kaminski & Shirley in Austin, Texas, and author of Texas Homeowners Association Law."It's not uncommon for condos to have requirements that the landlord-owner run background criminal history checks and to provide those to the association.

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