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Used particularly for edu.au/environment/ee Pages/ee Dating/Quaternary Geochronology/ Trapped Charge Dating PRINCIPAL: energy trapped in crystal imperfections depends on dose rate and time. establish hydration rate for each type of obsidian by examining pieces of known age, or with high pressure and temperature in lab.

Obsidian hydration dating (OHD) is a geochemical method of determining age in either absolute or relative terms of an artifact made of obsidian.

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Si vous êtes membre de la communauté CNRS (Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique) ou ESR français (Enseignement Supérieur et Recherche), la barre de recherche permet d’accéder à Refdoc, catalogue contenant plus de 53 millions de références bibliographiques. With the search bar you can access directly and consult over 53 million bibliographic records for free.- Public sector in France and other countries: you can order the document, if it is covered by an authorization for reprographical reproduction.Obsidian hydration dating (or OHD) is a scientific dating technique, which uses the understanding of the geochemical nature of the volcanic glass (a silicate) called obsidian to provide both relative and absolute dates on artifacts.This paper analyzes the effect on age estimates of intrinsic water variability and concludes that if a controlled sample of obsidian yields a range of ages, there is no way to tell whether the range is due to long site use or to variations in hydroxyl concentration.At present there is no robust and cost-effective protocol for measuring hydroxyl concentration.

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