Gravatar not updating dating numbers tumblr

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Look here, it doesn't show my profile picture, since I'm not using Gravatar - yet I have one on Git Hub.

So what I think is happening, is that you have uploaded a profile picture on Git Hub but didn't change the Gravatar one.

The avatar you use on Word comes from Gravatar, a universal avatar service (it stands or "Global Avatar," get it? Your image may also appear on other sites using Gravatar whenever you're logged in with your email address [email] "Wait!

Please verify your email address first...", it needs to be a short string to fit in the button we have.

When a user asks the site to manually refresh his gravatar, Discourse does not pull in a new gravatar. I disabled file uploads after this exchange, as it appears more security testing work should be done to see if file uploads are not vulnerable to exploits.

Nowhere else on the site except on the settings page is the topbar image changed.You can see that the image here: is still the old image, whereas this is the new image (just without the parameters) It is happening here too.Here's a video showing a bad image, and then a successful upload: Rmt Ou I wanted to make sure all the different strings make sense.Here's a list of all the possible ones and when they can happen: Please verify your email address: [email] When you first signed up for a Word account we sent you an email.

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