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This cam shows a mother cat and her kittens in an open environment.

House cats, along with dogs, are the most popular animal companions in the US.

Today we received messages about the "retirement" of Deng Xiaopeng and Todor Zhivkov. He has sensed the pace of history and helped history to find a natural channel.

Only our ‘best friends’ Castro, Ceauşescu, and Kim Il Sung are still around – people who hate our guts. Earlier the same morning, Marc Kusnetz, one of Tom Brokaw’s colleagues at NBC, goes back to his hotel to freshen up.

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The Daily Telegraph's headline for November 10, 1989 - written by Daniel Johnson - reads: "The Iron Curtain is swept aside." East German border police at Checkpoint Charlie were surprised to learn yesterday that citizens could now travel to the West freely.

Police say the officer told Dye to get on the ground, which he did. While Ruybalind said the video was significant, he waited until results from the autopsy were in to confirm that Arlint did not use excessive force. The CBI said Dye was wanted for contempt of court and absconding from a community corrections facility at the time of the shooting.

They say that as the officer began to use his radio to update the communications center, Dye jumped up and ran. They say Dye then turned around and pointed a gun at the officer. Dye had pleaded guilty to a burglary that took place last September.

Arlint based on his use of deadly force in the incident which resulted in Mr. I consider this investigation to be completed, and my decision in this regard to be final, not subject to reconsideration or further review."The officer who shot Dye was wearing a body camera, and the Colorado Bureau of Investigation said in its report that the video was a crucial part of the investigation. Arlint's body cam, it is obvious suspect Todd Jamal Dye refused to comply with Ofc. Arlint with a deadly weapon, pointing a loaded semi-automatic pistol at Ofc. Arlint to engage Todd Jamal Dye with deadly force," the report said. on the day of the shooting, they received a report of an intruder in a vacant trailer at the park. Ruybalid said the investigation would have gone on a lot longer had it not been for the body camera.

The shooting happened at the Almar Trailer Park in the 1500 block of E. The Police Department says the responding officer was searching the trailer and found Dye in one of the rooms inside. He said the body camera was significant because it showed why Arlint used deadly force."If there was one single piece of evidence that probably carried more weight than everything else it would be the body camera video because that's the only thing that shows me what the officer saw when he made the decision to use deadly force," said Ruybalind.

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